Iron (II) liposomal

Process for preparing nanoliposomes comprising micronutrients and food products comprising said nanoliposomes

The “Iron (II) liposomal” project consists in the production of highly bioavailable iron encapsulating nano-liposomal vectors with continuous technique. Since 2018 Eng4Life owns the patent “Process for preparing nanoliposomes comprising micronutrients and food products comprising said nanoliposomes”.

The patent can be consulted at the following link.

Iron is an essential micronutrient that carries out numerous functions.

Consequently, the lack of iron, namely anemia, in the human body involves a series of undesirable effects, such as: physical and mental tiredness, pallor, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, acceleration of the heartbeat, loss of hair, etc … According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the world are two billion people suffering from anemia, that is about 30% of the world population.

In case of anemia, preparation of liposomal iron guarantees a high bioavailability of the micronutrient, a better absorption and a low toxicity.

On the market there are products that contain iron transported in liposomes, such as liposomal ferric pyrophosphate (trade name “Sideral”), but they have some critical issues:

Eng4Life has designed and patented the use of highly bioavailable iron-encapsulating nano-liposomal vectors with continuous technique in the production process (SMF– Simil Microfluidic).

Increasing the stability and bioavailability of iron(II).

Here are some of the publications on the subject made by Eng4life members.


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