One of the objectives of the Eng4Life spin off is support to companies. As the Analysis of the possibilities of innovation of production processes.

For each manufacturing activity, the staff of Eng4Life, an authorized spin-off of the University of Salerno, can conduct a feasibility study aimed at identifying the possibilities of innovative elements in production processes, also through research and development by carry out in collaboration with the academy.


The feasibility study consists of:

  1. in the analysis of production processes implemented in the company in question;
  2. in the analysis of the state of the art of the company’s productive sector processes;
  3. in detecting process and product innovations currently being studied or implemented in the company’s production sector;
  4. in the multiscale market analysis that could have the results of the innovations proposed to the company.


The complete process involves visits by Eng4Life’s specialized personnel at the company and interactions with the company’s technical staff.


A second complexity of the company can take from 3 to 9 months, with an average value of 6 months.


The result of the feasibility study is an operational document where the possibilities of innovations are planned and briefly discussed, identifying the research and development activities necessary to implement the innovations, and the potential market of product innovations is briefly analyzed and economic repercussions of process innovations.

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