The liposomes and SMF – Simil Microfluidic technique

Liposomes are closed vesicles made of double layers of phospholipids separated by aqueous compartments. Phospholipids are amphipathic molecules, dispersed in water, spontaneously, taking on a bilayer or double-layer disposition that closes to form vesicles with a central aqueous content.






The main advantage in using liposomes is related to their membrane, whose structure and composition are identical to those of the host cell membrane with which they merge, releasing their own content.

In recent decades, the use of liposomes has recorded a considerable increase, covering transversally different fields of application: from the pharmaceutical-medical one, passing through cosmetics, to the nutraceutical-food one.
Thanks to the growth of the fields of application, are been developed  different liposome production techniques.

The production technique of Eng4Life is SMF – Simil Microfluidic which transposes the phenomena that occur inside a microfluidic system on a millimetric scale, combining the advantages of this latter with those of the ethanol injection technique.
The main innovative elements and advantages of the Eng4Life technique are: