The GeOSES project wins the Pmi Award 2023 of the Milan Polytechnic

The GeOSES project is among the winners of the Pmi Award 2023 promoted by the Digital Innovation Observatory in SMEs of the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic in favor of innovation and digital transformation projects developed by Italian SMEs. The recognition aims to support and disseminate digital culture within companies, giving visibility to the most original projects of innovation and digital transformation with the aim of promoting the circulation of excellence and emulation processes.


The project was carried out as part of the Meditech Competence Center’s First Call for Innovation, a project that saw the partnership between Eng4Life and TerrAmore consolidate towards more efficient and sustainable agriculture in the creation of an intelligent greenhouse, realized with the collaboration of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno.

Our innovative GeOSES project had the objective of creating a web-based sensor system supported by a physical-mathematical prediction model for the intelligent management of the greenhouse.

The idea behind the project consisted in the creation of a “smart-field” system that is able to respond to the request for the development of expert systems for the management, rationalization and efficiency of the production chain for the agrifood sector.

Through the creation of an intelligent greenhouse prototype on an industrial scale, associated with a web based expert system and integrated by a cultivation simulation model that is able to simulate growth in terms of water and nutrient demands, this project sets itself the The aim is to develop an innovative agriculture 4.0 tool that can be managed remotely through a graphical interface.

The idea is proposed in a period in which the imminent diffusion of 5G technology, simplifying and speeding up web-based connections, will allow for that significant step forward towards advanced, innovative and intelligent management capable of projecting the agrifood sector towards a model of agriculture 4.0 and therefore towards ever greater attention to the theme of the circular economy. In fact, it is the use of tools, including low-cost sensors, including the physical-mathematical modeling of the behavior of complex systems, which allows the farm to make production more efficient and sustainable.

In this perspective, the diffusion of “smart-field” devices is necessary as they represent that essential link within a Tech 4.0 model.

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