Anna Angela Barba

Anna Angela Barba - Head of Scientific Area; Board component

Associate Professor SSD ING-IND 25 (DIFARMA)

in Eng4Life she covers the role of Head of Scientific Area and she is a Board component

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Academic Curriculum

Dr. Anna Angela Barba got her Laurea in Chemical Engineering, summa cum laude, in May 1997, then she gained the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering in 2002. Starting from 1999 she had a CNR fellowship (one year), a post-doctoral grant (2002-2004) and worked at some research projects as external consultant at the Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno.

In February 2005 she obtained a position as assistant professor in Chemical Plants at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, which she joined in October 2005.
She had, since a.y. 2005/2006, the cathedra of Pharmaceutical Industrial Plants. She also had and has didactic activity in post-degree corse. She is a member of the faculty board of the doctorate of research in Chemical Engineering.
The research activities of dr. Barba, developed mainly at the University of Salerno, are developed in the field of power applications of electromagnetic field to the development of innovative methodologies and equipments for microwave assisted heating. From October 2002 to March 2003 she worked as post-doc research fellow at the Technical University of Eindhoven, TUE (NL) – Department of Electrical Engineering / Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry – where was involved in research activities on pulsed plasma.
Recently, dr. Barba addressed her research activities to the transfer of Chemical Engineering processes and methods to pharmaceutical productions. Her activities, developed in different scientific collaborations and characterized by experimental and modeling actions, are based on the use of electromagnetic energy (microwaves region) in heating intensified processes (cooking, drying, blanching, curing) of vegetal matrices and pharmaceutical ingredients. Non-conventional analytic procedures are also developed to study the dielectric behavior of materials (nanometallic powders, composite, biopolymeric hydrogels).
Dr. Anna Angela Barba was scientific responsible of research projects funded bybudget Ateneo and she was involved and is currently involved in different financed projects.

She is co-authors of many publications: papers on international and national journals, communications to international and national conferences, chapters in books/monographs.