3 members of Eng4Life in the Top-cited scientists 2021

With great pride we announce the presence in the prestigious Top-cited scientists 2021 ranking of three of the partners of Eng4Life: Prof. Ing. Gaetano Lamberti, Prof. Ing. Anna Angela Barba and Ing. Diego Caccavo; and a former partner of the spin-off, Eng. Sara Cascone.

The ranking was prepared by a team of analysts from Stanford University (coordinated by Prof. John Ioannidis), using bibliometric data extracted from the Elsevier \ Scopus database on 22 scientific sectors and their 176 subsectors. The Stanford analysis team analyzed 9,000,000 researchers, among them the most influential researchers in the world were identified in relation to their scientific production, or 2% of the entire sample.

The Top-cited scientists 2021, published on 10 October 2022, confirmed the presence for the third consecutive year of some of the key figures of the innovative start-up.

Congratulations then:

Prof. Ing. Gaetano Lamberti;

Prof. Ing. Anna Angela Barba;

Ing. Diego Caccavo;

Ing. Sara Cascone.

The “Top-cited scientists 2021” ranking is available at the following link.