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Bochicchio, Sabrina; Dalmoro, Annalisa; Lamberti, Gaetano; Barba, Anna Angela

Nanoliposomi in cosmetica e cosmeceutica Journal Article

ICF – Rivista dell’industria chimica e farmaceutica, Febbraio/Marzo 2021 (1), pp. 66-71, 2021.

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Bochicchio, Sabrina; Dalmoro, Annalisa; Simone, Veronica De; Bertoncin, Paolo; Lamberti, Gaetano; Barba, Anna Angela

Simil-Microfluidic Nanotechnology in Manufacturing of Liposomes as Hydrophobic Antioxidants Skin Release Systems Journal Article

Cosmetics, 7 (22), pp. 13, 2020.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: antioxidants, cosmeceutics, nanoliposomes, simil-microfluidic technology, transdermal delivery