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Since its foundation Eng4Life has carried out several industrial research projects, industrial development and innovation activities. Click on a project to consult it.
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Microwave assisted solvent free extraction (SFME solvent-free microwave extraction) of CBD from Cannabis Sativa.

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Liposomal iron (II)

Production of highly bioavailable iron encapsulating nano-liposomal vectors with continuous method.

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Bioadhesive liposomes

Production of nano-liposomal vectors coated with bioadhesive polymers for nutraceutical applications.

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Other applications of liposomes

The characteristics of liposomes make them suitable for use in different fields of application.


Skills and objectives

Eng4Life Eng4Life is an academic spin-off formed by professors and researchers from the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Salerno. The spin-off has also collaborators from different sectors. The name shows what the main objective of the spin-off is: to put engineering at the service of companies operating in the Life Sciences sector. Eng4Life supports companies at 360 ° helping them to generate new economic value through research and innovation. Convinced that research and innovation are essential elements for the development and growth of companies, Eng4Life proposes itself as a partner of companies that intend to make investments in industrial research and experimental development.

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